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The Pliant Girls in LA TIMES - January 18, 2015

The Pliant Girls in the Media -  OUSH Brazil Magazine - September 2014

Questions and Answers from Producer Fatima Grate

Why did you choose this play, The Pliant Girls?

The Pliant Girls grew up in a big family on a remote Island.  

Like The Pliant Girls, I grew up in a big family on a remote farm. 

I. too, sometimes felt lost in the middle. I took care of my younger siblings, slept in the same room as my three older sisters, and, like Kay, dreamed of becoming an actress.  

I also married a man that came from another world on a boat.         

The Pliant Girls reminded me of those years living in harmony with my sisters while we took care of ourselves, made our hardwood floors shine, and braided each others' hair. 

But that's not why this show got me.  What got me was a memory. 

I remember when I joined the professional theater world in my native Brazil at age 18. During one dress rehearsal, I found myself performing in front of two men in black suits.  These men edited out any part of our dialog and body language that suggested any political criticism. They were from the "Censura Federal", or the "Federal Censorship Department".  I did not like having someone tell me that I had no freedom of speech; no choice. 

The Pliant Girls reminded me of these terrible censorship...and showed me a unique scape from it.

I watched this group perform The Pliant Girls in Hollywood seven times last May, and every time I discovered something new. It started with  unexpected  excitement at opening night and grew in it's power until the end of its run.

Many people wanted  The Pliant Girls to come back, so I decided to produce this play at the Colony Theatre in my home town of Burbank. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

There is a special place in Heaven for people who help one another