Jason Vande Brake

Jason does not play basketball and wonders what people expect him to say when they ask him about that. He's a stage actor, voice actor, and web designer, among other things, and has performed at the Shakespeare Theater, the McCarter Theater Center, Berkeley Rep, and the San Francisco and New York Fringe Festivals, among other places. A few years ago, he played a giant king who loves to box in Mary Zimmerman's ArgonautikaJason is originally from Iowa (corn, not potatoes; you're thinking of Idaho) and currently lives in downtown Los Angeles. He holds an MFA in Drama from the University of California, Irvine and probably needs new headshots. Jason's most recent Fugitive roles were Puck in Midsummer, Macduff in‚Äč Macbeth, and J.W. in The Fire Room. Fugitive Kind is his favorite thing that he does.