We are all born with the gift of  love  for one another, because of our unique skin tone,  our pride of our culture, our  religion,  our individual needs, our choices and our faith in our future. Love is our most valuable heritage from God. We follow God's way, for his plans are more beautiful, trustworthy and always greater.  After all, He created you and me. - Fatima Grate

About Grate Artists Productions - Fatima Pulchera Grate and Rachel Grate are a mother and daughter production team that are committed to developing projects that are unique, cutting-edge and above all, entertaining. They have been working together since Rachel first started acting professionally in television and commercials. Their primary focus is on the theatre and the story. They are proud to provide a venue and opportunity for actors, directors and writers to further develop and showcase their craft.

Grate Artists,  Inc.